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Brian Lee Nash aka Nash from Nashville

"It is selfish not to share your gifts and talents.'


'After recently hearing that quote I committed to sharing my journey with you. This is my digital playground where I can be creative, have fun and share my point of view.

I'm the founder of 615-NASH-LAW (Nashville's Injury Attorneys), Nash's Guide to Nashville and the host of The Brian Lee Nash Show.

l simplified life for myself into 6 main areas: Health; Wealth; Love; Creativity; Fun & Freedom :) My goal in sharing my journey is that it will help you on your journey to also Live a Phenomenal Life.


Nash's Timeline

This will provide context about me and my journey.

It All Started in 1978

  • 2022: 💯 Focused on being Nashville's Injury Firm & Sharing my Journey with You

  • 2022: Started The Brian Lee Nash Show, BrianLeeNash.com & NashsGuidetoNashville.com

  • 2022: Hummingbirds lead me to an Ayuhuasca Retreat in Peru that phenomenally changed my life

  • 2022: Decided to learn Multi-Family Real Estate & joined Grant Cardone's 10X Real Estate Club2

  • 021: Became a student in the InFlight Program at the Nashville Entrepreneurial Center

  • 2021: Decided at Tynan's Las Vegas event to Work Backwards (WBW) & focus on injury law & things I enjoy

  • 2020: Received my Skydiving A License 🪂

  • 2020: Traveled to Belize, Costa Rica and Mexico multiple times and fell in love with traveling

  • 2020: Got hypnotized, Live a Phenomenal Life born

  • 2019: Went on 3 meditation retreats, changed my life

  • 2012: Got divorced and ran my house & law firm as a single dad

  • 2010: Opened my own law firm by borrowing & repaying $2k from 2 Peruvian sisters friends

  • 2010: Moved to Franklin, TN (a suburb of Nashville)

  • 2010: Passed the Bar Exam the first attempt (I watched new Karate Kid the night before)

  • 2008: My phenomenal son was born 💕

  • 2007: Attended Barry University School of Law, graduating in 2010 in Orlando, Florida

  • 2006: Returned to Milligan College to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Business

  • 2006: Sold my lawn business, returned to college (while married with 2 step kids and 2 bio kids)

  • 2004: Merged a lawn business with my own (I got paid to take it over)

  • 2004: Worked at a friends gas station ⛽ (part time for extra money and he was a great mentor)

  • 2004: My phenomenal daughter was born 💕

  • 2002: I ran my lawn service & worked various jobs while attending college

  • 2002: I got married in Sarasota, Florida

  • 2001: Bought my first house

  • 1999: Moved back to Sarasota, Florida

  • 1998: Lived in South Carolina after leaving college after 2 years

  • 1996: Walked onto the college baseball team

  • 1996: Went to Milligan College at the age of 16

  • 1996: Graduated early from Sarasota High School at the age of 16

  • 1985: Moved to Sarasota, Florida around the age of 6

  • 1978: Born in Indiana, USA

My Focus

I have brought back Reagan's "Just Say No" campaign. I am applying it to myself so I don't even do prescription drugs or other chemicals. This is one of Charlie Munger's rules btw.

I have learned to just say no to everything that doesn't align with me and where I am or where I am going.

We are bombarded with stimuli in this modern world. It is a healthy practice to really get quiet time to figure out what you want. I want to feel good, create, have "fun"/enjoy life, spend it with the people that I choose to and share my unique gifts and talent with you.

This is my focus and I sum it up with the phrase: Live a Phenomenal Life.

Here are some other projects I am focused on:

615-NASH-LAW: In a Crash? Call Nash! We'll Get You Ca$h!

I am sitting on one of the best brands ever: 615-NASH-LAW.

We aren't just a unique and catchy phrase. We love helping people that are turly victims of someone else's carelssness (negligence).

We do 3 things very well:

1) Get you better after being hurt by someone else. As close to 100% recovery as possible.

2) Get you paid for your pain and suffering.

3) Get your life back on track (including your medical bills settld and your vehicle fixed or replace if you were in a car crash).

We are passionate about this and quickly becoming the #1 Injury firm in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Brian Lee Nash Show: Live a Phenomenal Life

I will be turning the camera around on me and my journey. We will be having phenomenal guests to teach us and entertain us about the 5 main areas of life:

1) Health;

2) Wealth;

3) Love;

4) Creativity; and

5) Fun.

We will be sharing with you content created of things I am experimenting with and learning but also from people farther ahead than me on their journey or that have more specialized knowledge so we both can learn.

Let us know what you want to see or hear more of.

Nash's Guide to Nashville

I love Nashville. Not just because it's named after me:) Nashville is fun, diverse, growing and creative like me!

I love trying new places and often get asked from friends and people on the street, "Where's the best place to _______?"

It was fun to share my favorite places since it is my town. I decide to track my favortie places and add the most popular place for you to try.

I created a simple PDF of the most phenomenal places Nashville has to offer and it comes out monthly. Download your copy now and stay in the know of the most phenomenal places to listen to music, eat, drink, dance, have fun, stay and much much more.

Funny You Should Ask

You have questions, I have answers

What does it mean to live a phenomenal life?

I touched on this above. To me it means to live life how you want to. I am always balancing the 6 areas of life: health; wealth; love; creativity; fun; and freedom.  

Health (spiritually, mentally and physically), The 2nd area of life being wealth aka making, saving and investing value. Wealth is necessary, money isn't. Wealth according to Alex Hormozi's definition is: "The ratio between your income and expenses."

Wealth is a tool to help you help yourself and other. It can help you be healthier, love your family and partner better and figure out what you love and don't love and pursue what you want accordingly. 

Wealth is not an end all be all. It is a component to be balanced. 

The 3rd life area is love. Love is the energy behind all good things. I use love here to succintly say all of our relationships, not just romantic. 

It is that feeling we get when our child is born or takes her first step. It is the first guy or girl you like and the first kiss. It is your best friend sitting with you when you're sad.

Love is relationships. Without relationships health, wealth, fun or creativity don't mean that much. 

The 4th area of living a phenomenal life is creativity.

I see many entrepreneurs not even realizing why they might love being an entrepreneur. I see it as being creative.

You create your own world when you start a business much like an artist writing a screenplay creates that world. 

Whether it's the actual arts, musicians and song writers or creating a business being creative is to be human. 

The 5th area to living a phenomenal life is having fun. Enjoying every moment you can. 

You won't be able to enjoy every moment because not every moment is pleasant. 

But you can practice each moment and make the most of every beautiful moment of life we have. 

I practice not being so serious, gamifying as many parts of life I can and being playful. 

These 5 areas are what I balance, seek out information on and others to help me learn, grow and have fun and Live a Phenomenal Life.

Time is not the most valuable thing, energy is?

It amazes me how people continually say time is the most valuable thing.

It is scarce and they're not making any more of it.

However, if you had 10 times the energy (and focus) you could accomplish/do more than if you had 10 times the time but no energy.

Some of my heroes like Einstein, Elon Musk, Alex Hormozi, Grant Cardone all appear to have tons of energy.

Same amount of time as each of us but they are getting WAY more done and way more life lived.

Energy is the most valuable thing, next to relationships :)

How can I help you?

I know this is my About Me page. 

If you want to know something about me, you need to know I selfishly love connecting and helping others. 

So, how can I help you?

I started this site because it's selfish not to share. You also have unique gifts and talents you can share. I hope by me

sharing, you will also and more people will live phenomenal lives. Thank you for taking the time to check out my

digital playground. Nash

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