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Find inspiration in these areas and more.


What is your why? Why did you go to law school, study relentlessly, take the bar exam and go through all of the cost and expense of law school? Get law inspiration and the why behind the laws and lawyers.

Systems & Processes

Your busy because you don’t have systems and processes in place. This includes getting clients. Learn how and get inspired to do it. You will have more time. Use it on more clients, time with family or having fun.

Health & Fitness

You often neglect yourself trying to zealously representing your clients, balancing all of your work and family obligations and your health suffers. I got rid of over 50 pounds and improved my health. You can too!


Having friends and others to share our work and life with makes it all worth while. Learn how to find others to make friends and work together. Don’t be an island. Get inspired and then get out there and connect.

About does just what it says.
Inspiring so you can zealously represent your clients.

It’s time to get inspired. Make the choice to get inspired and watch your life improve. You fight for your clients every day. You advocate for them, negotiate for them and so much more. Between getting clients, handling their cases and your personal life you struggle to find balance. You weren’t to law school for a reason. You had to be extremely inspired to endure that whole process. The daily grind of running your own law practice, being in a firm or in house counsel can wear on you. It is still your passion; you just need inspiration. Well you have come to the right place. inspires attorneys so they can use their talent to change the world. “When inspiration touches talent, she gives birth to truth and beauty.” Robert McKee in the War of Art.

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