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We truly care about you and we are here to help! The blog is available for those that want to read the questions and answers. The podcast is of course where you can listen to the questions and answers. We hope you enjoy the content as much as we do producing it!
My podcast covers my passions and purpose: law, business and life. Listeners can find answers to you questions and more. We need your feedback and legal questions, click on one of the Submit Questions buttons! All names and specific facts remain anonymous.
If you’re facing a specific legal issue and you need immediate service, click the link here. I am a partner at Nash & Larsen, PLLC and we would love to help. We’ve helped hundreds with their legal issues, and we’d love to help you.
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Simply put, I thrive on making your life better, It’s my passion and purpose. Submit your questions today!

As a practicing attorney I am blessed to meet many people and help them. I provide legal answers to a variety of questions daily. I am now offering to answer your questions and allow anyone to listen to the questions and answers, free of charge. Since all of our time is limited, I decided to provide the questions and answers via the blog and the podcast, available 24/7. The power is now in your hands. You can now get the answers you deserve whenever you want here on The answers are broken up into brief and to the point segments to make listening easy for you. I strive to make them interesting and entertaining. They are provided free of charge to whoever needs them. The only thing I ask for is to submit your questions, enjoy the answers and support our sponsors.
The first series of questions and answers on the blog and podcast are answers the most common questions I receive on a daily basis. These are answers to questions about the divorce process, the criminal court system, the bankruptcy process and much more. I also answer specific questions such as the consequences to crimes such as DUI and domestic assault. The answers are brief and to the point. They give you the reader/listener a solid foundation so you can know what questions to ask next. More detailed answer will follow in a subsequent blog/podcast episode. Please submit your questions and look for the answers. Enjoy!
Provide insanely valuable information via the blog, podcast and other products to help others achieve their goals.
Passion and purpose are the keys to success in any aspect of life. I am passionate about helping you and feel it is why I am here, my purpose.
To provide valuable content to you free of charge.
I guarantee I will deliver valuable content via my blog, podcast and other products to you so you can succeed at life.

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Attorney Nash’s Podcast is Amazing Free Service

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  • Free consultation with the law firm, Nash & Larsen, PLLC, by mentioning the podcast!
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During the process of taking my art online and monetizing it Brian Nash gave me insanely valuable advice. He went above and beyond not only took the time to answer my question but also pointed me in the right direction for other product and services that have helped me immensely. I am thankful I found him. Thanks Brian!

David, Online Artist
I am a United States Citizen and want my husband to be legal. I called and asked Brian what I can do and he posted a podcast episode that walked me through the options and steps I needed to take. I can’t believe I got this help for free. Now I have the information to make an informed decision and safely help my husband get his greencard.
I was going through a divorce and had questions about the process. After calling and leaving my question I listened to Brian’s response on the podcast and now I understand the process and feel better. He explained the difference between agreed divorced and uncontested, the steps and whether I have to go to court or not.
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