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Sarasota, Florida: 1990’s:

Growing up we, my parents, three brothers, and I, lived on Brookmeade Drive in Sarasota, Florida. Our house had terrazzo floors and no a/c. We would play outside non-stop and came up with all kinds of crazy stuff besides the normal tag, fireball, pickle, and riding bikes.

Behind our modest house I can see the creek, which was more like a canal. The creek was called Phillipi Creek. We had so much fun in our chain link fence surrounded back yard. I can feel that same fence against my back as I look about 10-15 feet from the fence to the edge of the creek. The creek itself was not a normal creek as is usually thought of. It was huge. It was probably 25-30 feet across and 15-20 feet deep. I remember water only ran in the bottom except during constant rains and then it would fill up.

During particularly wet seasons, I remember the water would rise so much we would canoe down the road in front of the house. However, normally the creek didn’t have to much water and the next to the little water flowing at the bottom was mud. We would stand at the chain link fence and….

We would run and jump through the air until we landed next to the water below. I can still see myself knee deep in the mud.

The Warrior Jump

I don’t know how we never got hurt doing that but we didn’t. It was our group of friends pride and joy, an initiation of sorts, that bonded us. is sort of my online version of The Warrior Jump. Here is where I am jumping into the online world and I am knee deep. I love doing this and do it for this reason. I also do this for my children, you, and humanity. I want to make the world a better place. Even if it helps just one person put up a blog, create a WordPress Website, start a business, or get in shape.

This blog is the place I will share my thoughts, what I am working on, and answer any questions you might have. What is causing you to be stressed out right now? Submit your questions on twitter:

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